There are so many people — from different lifestyles — facing space constraints in their homes.

People with children or people living in small spaces need every inch of space they can get. On every street corner it’s not rare to find a furniture store with a solution for “MORE SPACE!”

How many times have you walked in to a home where the spare bed is sharing a room with the office, or there is a futon in the work out room?

When working with space constraints, wall beds are very useful — especially in small apartments or those pesky multi-function rooms that don’t have space for all purposes. A room should have function as well as visual appeal and having multiple pieces of furniture serving different purposes does not allow for this; a wall bed solution does.

You can custom build a wall bed to your mattress preference — single, double, queen and even king. You can add a custom desk surrounding the bed as well as a custom wardrobe, media unit or extra storage — and it can all look stunning and inviting. When the bed is folded into the wall it’s hard to tell it’s actually a wall bed, as designs allow them to look like an extra cupboard and drawers. When stored, the wall bed takes up only a third of its size making it a perfect small space solution for the home.

These days wall beds are in high demand, not only because they are easy to use but they are practical as well. Guests to your home will love them too — instead of a cot, air mattress or couch, they will now have the comfort of a plush mattress and just might end up overstaying their welcome. As a tip, don’t forget to include lighting as it’s a great way for your guests to avoid having to find their way in the dark.

Don’t just think of wall beds as a multi-function or spare room feature either. They’re a great solution for kids rooms as it gives your children more space for playing and less clean up in your common areas, it’s a win win situation

The simple truth is this: Create more room for work, guests, hobbies and day-to-day living with a custom wall bed, and please, do it with style!

LiShelle Trembath is the Senior Design Consultant at California Closets where she designs custom storage solutions. LiShelle is a photographer who lives in Calgary, AB.