In 2014, City Council appointed an independent Ward Boundary Commission (WBC) to consider how the current ward boundaries need to be revised to accommodate recent population changes and projected future population growth in Calgary to achieve better representation by the respective Councillor.

With two possible revised boundaries, which would come into effect on Election Day 2017 (October 16, 2017), several Calgary communities could find themselves in a different ward.

The Ward Boundary Commission is holding open houses to hear from residents of Calgary on possible changes to ward boundaries. Calgarians are being encouraged to visit an open house between July 21 and August 4 to learn about proposed changes and provide feedback.

For more information on the City’s ward boundary open houses visit

1. What’s in a Ward? The City of Calgary is divided into 14 wards; with each ward represented by a Councillor. The main governing body for the City of Calgary, Calgary’s current system of one Councillor per ward has been in place since 1960, when the city was split into six wards.

2. Whose ward is king? As of the 2014 Civic Census, the city’s most populated ward was Ward 5. Located in northeast Calgary and bordered the city limits to the east and Deerfoot Trail to the west, the ward’s population stands at 96,489. The Ward 5 councillor is Ray Jones.

3. Where’s the smallest ward? In terms of population, Calgary’s smallest ward is Ward 14. Bordered by Southland Drive to the north and the city’s southern boundary, the ward’s population stood at 76,426 in the 2014 census. The Ward 14 councillor is Peter Demong, who has been in office since 2010.

4. Whose ward grows the fastest? According to the City of Calgary census, Ward 12 – which contains the communities of Auburn Bay, McKenzie Lake, Copperfield, McKenzie Towne, Cranston, New Brighton, Douglasdale/Glen, Seton and Mahogany grew by 9.26 per cent between 2013 and 2014, making it the fastest growing ward in the city.

5. Which ward is youngest (and oldest)? With 10 per cent of its population of 94,933 made up of those aged 4 years or younger, Ward 12 is also the youngest ward in the city. Located in central southwest Calgary, Ward 11 is the city’s oldest, with 16 per cent of its 82,0412 residents aged 65 years of age or older.