If you’re working with classic/traditional or modern, try to create a moody ambiance that is well suited to a timeless piece of architecture, suggests columnist Deborah Harrison.

Celebrating the past key to enjoying the future

The definition of “home” can be summed up beautifully as, “being in one’s element; at peace; a dwelling place.”

Home is a small word for such an important place. For many of us, it’s where we want to spend most of our downtime away from our daily grind, tasks and jobs – to begin and finish important creative ideas that we received within the daily grind. For me it’s a place where I can be my authentic self, exploring the things I love to do without someone asking me why I’m doing them.

Attention to detail is the loveliest thing of all that makes a house a home. I constantly find myself curating rooms in my house. Homes for my special things continually change. Sometimes it’s about grouping things that enjoy each other’s company or mixing old with new.

If you’re working with classic/traditional or modern, try to create a moody ambiance that is well suited to a timeless piece of architecture. Use what you can and remove the rest. Keep nothing in your home that is not useful or beautiful. After all, your home should be the most inspiring place you spend your time.

It’s this redesign with love – a great attention to detail and your personal spin on design – that reflects your unique self. It is an extension of you and what you do that sets your home apart from others. It’s either that or conform to the model look – the monochromatic, matching show home-inspired house that everyone tries to recreate.

We need to capture the past, celebrate the present and welcome the future with our stuff. Think about reintroducing vintage objects with recently acquired pieces. Recreate heirlooms for the future with lovingly restored, handmade beauty and longevity in mind. Vintage pieces have already stood the test of time. Preserve the collections of today by giving them a sense of lasting timeless importance, whether modern or not.

Those who are lucky enough years down the road to receive these handcrafted, precious and prized pieces will share a sense of honesty, authenticity and pride because they’re apart of you – and those well cared for objects are what made your house a home.

What I know to be true is there is no place like home. Never take it for granted. We all need one to feel secure, to make memories in and, of course, to put our stuff. However, in the big picture, home to me is anywhere where my husband and kids are. It isn’t really just a place but a feeling and makes for a great sign.

Welcome home!

Deborah Harrison interior designer with Inside Out Design, please send your thoughts, ideas and inspirations to soulifydesign@gmail.com.