On this lovely Friday, there’s more to celebrate than just the beginning of the weekend.

Today marks the start of Stage 2 in Alberta’s relaunch strategy. This means a variety of business types will be allowed to reopen (e.g., libraries, theatres, team sports, indoor recreation, etc.), gathering size limits are increasing and there is greater flexibility for creating cohort groups. Full details about Stage 2 are available here.

Just remember that we’re not out of the woods yet. It’s still necessary to maintain physical distancing of two metres in most situations, wash and/or sanitize hands frequently, and follow all other public health guidelines.

Now let’s dive into the news from this week!

This week in CREB®Now

CREB® REALTOR® Community Foundation launches new grant programs

Exciting things are happening at the CREB® REALTOR® Community Foundation, including these new grants designed to support local housing and shelter initiatives. Check out the full story for more info.

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Business as usual? How buyers, sellers and REALTORS® have adapted to COVID-19

Looking to buy or sell a home, but unsure how COVID-19 has affected the process? We’ve got you covered.

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My Neighbourhood: Mount Royal

Between its Upper and Lower halves, Mount Royal has it all: sprawling mansions, budget condos, mature trees, parks, schools, one half of 17th Avenue S.W., numerous steep hills, a series of winding streets that somehow make it possible to travel in circles without ever changing direction. What else could you possibly want?


The Peace Bridge was closed for a few days this week for maintenance, which got me thinking about this Calgary landmark’s fascinating history and, as Geoff Geddes wrote in our Sept. 13, 2019 issue, how it “evolved from a lightning rod for dissension to a symbol of unity.” Now’s as good a time as any to revisit his in-depth analysis of the Peace Bridge saga and the lessons learned nearly a decade after the bridge’s completion:

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War and peace: how one fateful bridge divided Calgarians, then brought them back together

Neighbour Day

Next Saturday (June 20) is Neighbour Day here in Calgary, a “yearly celebration of Calgary’s strong community spirit.” Its creation in 2014 was inspired by the support and generosity Calgarians demonstrated in the aftermath of the 2013 floods.

Several (virtual) events are planned, many of which are spearheaded by Calgary community associations, including a Neighbour Day scavenger hunt. The City also encourages Calgarians to support local businesses and decorate their yards, balconies, doors or windows to celebrate the occasion.

Like the catastrophic floods in 2013, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on Calgarians, making community spirit and connection more important than ever. That spirit was on display when Calgarians came together after the floods in 2013, and it’s on display now in the outpouring of support for frontline medical workers battling COVID-19, as well as the tremendous turnouts for local Black Lives Matter protests against systemic racism and police brutality.

So, this Neighbour Day, celebrate Calgary community spirit however you can. A little goes a long way.

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Late bloomers

It seems some Calgarians are getting impatient with their trees and shrubs that haven’t shown signs of life since spring belatedly arrived. If this is you, while your plant might be dead, it might also be a late bloomer thrown off schedule by our harsh winter. So, don’t do anything hasty! Trees aren’t the biggest fans of being dug up – if you uproot one prematurely, there’s likely no going back.

If you are curious whether your tree is dead or alive, try the scratch test. In the winter, there’s an even easier method.

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