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Welcome to the Weekender!

Even in a good year, January isn’t the cheeriest month – the weather is cold, the daylight is fleeting and fairer days are still a long way off. COVID-19 hasn’t helped, making this January even darker and drearier than normal.

But hey, let’s try to focus on the positives: outdoor gatherings of 10-or-fewer people are once again allowed here in Alberta, the Flames have won two in a row, and the international COVID-19 vaccine rollout is well underway. (That rollout has been far from efficient, but we’ll have to take our wins where we can get them.)

Now, let’s get to the news!

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10 low-maintenance indoor plants to green up your home

As I mentioned earlier, thanks to COVID-19, this winter’s batch of seasonal affective disorder is particularly potent. If you’re looking for something to lift your spirits and brighten up your home, might I suggest investing in a couple houseplants? The options listed here are extremely forgiving – no green thumb necessary!

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Rock-bottom interest rates throughout 2021 could nudge even more Calgarians into the housing market

The Bank of Canada has pledged to keep interest rates low for the duration of 2021. Find out what that means for the Calgary housing market, as well as homeowners and prospective buyers.

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DIY for dummies: how even the least-handy homeowner can keep their property in tip-top shape

Not everyone is a pro when it comes to DIY improvement projects and maintenance – and that’s OK! But if you own your home, you should have the basic skills and tools necessary for simple fixes. If you’re lacking in that department, we’ve got you covered.


Interior design by Alykhan Velji Designs; Photo by Klassen Photography

Fresh start: four design trends poised for a resurgence in 2021

Looking for design inspiration to give your home a whole new vibe this year? Look no further!

The funnies

It’s not just homes in New England either. This is a pretty common feature in older homes, so if yours was built before 1970, your walls might be full of razor blades.

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