With sweeping new COVID-19 restrictions and shutdowns announced earlier this week by the provincial government set to last for at least the next month, it promises to be a challenging holiday season for many Calgarians. Thankfully, it looks like there may be a light at the end of the tunnel…

In times like these, distractions are welcome – anything to take one’s mind off the stresses and negative emotions that have become all too common over the last nine months – and I hope our humble newsletter can be of service in that capacity.

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Courtesy of the Calgary Stampeders

My First Home: George Hopkins, Calgary Stampeders equipment manager

George Hopkins has been a colourful constant in the Calgary Stampeders organization since 1972. He recently took the time to chat with George Johnson about the humourous circumstances that led to his first home purchase in 1987.

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Buyer beware: how to proceed when your home inspection turns up serious issues

As Gerald Vander Pyl writes, “You’ve found what seems like the perfect home, but before you close the deal, the inspection turns up some problems you can’t ignore: what are your options?”

Courtesy of Prairie Sky Cohousing

Stronger together: the surging popularity of cohousing communities across Canada suggests isolation may define our current reality, but it won’t define our future

The latest in our Deeper Dive series, this fascinating feature delves into the cohousing movement that is gaining steam across the country, including right here in Calgary.


St. Mary’s Parish Hall in Mission is one of the historical sites on Heritage Calgary’s self-directed walking tour of the area.
Courtesy of Heritage Calgary

Walking tours of historic neighbourhoods take Calgarians back in time

Looking for a COVID-safe outdoor activity? If the unseasonably pleasant weather we’ve been having keeps up, why not go for a stroll down memory lane with one of Heritage Calgary’s self-guided walking tours?

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They really don’t make ’em like they used to.

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