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June is almost here, which means summer is on the way. This is normally a time for positivity and excitement, with many warm, care-free days ahead. COVID-19 complicates that picture quite a bit, but after the provincial government announced its reopening plan earlier this week amid dropping case counts and rising vaccination figures, it’s hard not to feel optimistic.

If you share that optimism, this week’s crop of stories should keep the good vibes going, with tips for increasing your home’s curb appeal, an exploration of Calgary’s urban forest and all the details of the highly anticipated expansion of Vivo for Healthier Generations.

Let’s dive right in!

This week in CREB®Now

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Five cheap ways to boost your home’s curb appeal

Whether you’re trying to sell your home right now or just thinking about putting it on the market sometime soon, it’s never a bad idea to increase your curb appeal. We’re all taught not to judge a book by its cover, but that’s exactly what prospective buyers will do if your home’s exterior isn’t up to snuff.

A 100-year-old mugo pine towers over the Officers’ Mess Hall and Garden in Currie.
Courtesy of Canada Lands Co.

Currie highlights role of developers in growth and preservation of Calgary’s urban forest

Calgary’s urban forest provides many important benefits to all those who call the city home. That forest is being supplemented all the time through the planting of new saplings, but many of the city’s trees are decades old, and some have stood for more than 100 years. This makes the preservation of established trees an important task – one that Canada Lands Co. did not take lightly during the redevelopment of the former Currie Barracks lands into the community of Currie.

Courtesy of Vivo for Healthier Generations

$62-million rec centre expansion generates buzz in northeast Calgary

Vivo for Healthier Generations – the popular recreation centre nestled between the northeast communities of Panorama Hills, Harvest Hills, Country Hills and Coventry Hills – is getting a major facelift. Read on for all the details of the expansion and what community members can expect from the revamped facility.


Courtesy of HomeSpace

Sierra Place office-to-affordable-housing conversion aims to set high standard for downtown revitalization projects

HomeSpace is hoping to kick off the revitalization of Calgary’s downtown with a bold new project: the conversion of an old office tower into 108 affordable housing units. Check out the story for all the details.

The funnies

This seems like one of those ideas that was much better in theory than in practice.

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