The May long weekend is here – you made it!

Thanks to COVID-19, it might not be quite the same little vacation you were envisioning a couple months ago, but that’s OK. At a time when even the most mundane aspects of day-to-day life have become a minefield of anxieties – and most of us would give our right arm just to regain a degree of normal social interaction and intimacy in our lives – it’s important to enjoy the little things.

What those things happen to be is completely up to you. Maybe it’s a long bike ride through the park, or a socially distanced walk with a friend. Maybe it’s a home-cooked, family meal with members of your household, or takeout from your favourite restaurant. Maybe it’s bingeing the latest season of your favourite Netflix show. There are no wrong answers.

So, take this time to reflect, reset and, most importantly, relax. You’ve earned it.

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Spring cleaning is more important than ever thanks to COVID-19

You’re probably thinking, “Tyler, didn’t spring technically start almost two months ago?” I know that the May long weekend is seen by many as the unofficial start of summer, not spring, but let’s get real for a second here: we’ve barely had a chance to welcome spring yet here in Calgary. It snowed earlier this week – just a light dusting, but it still counts. So, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

COVID-19 complicates the moving process, but Calgarians in transit still have options

Thanks to COVID-19, it’s not like you can call up a handful of friends to help you move in exchange for beer and pizza right now. On the plus side, that also means no being guilt tripped by said friends for not returning the favour at their next move because you “totally had plans that day.” (You did not.)


Courtesy of Colin Patterson

My First Home: Colin Patterson

One of the most active members of the Calgary Flames Alumni, and a crucial member of the Stanley Cup-winning squad from the 1988-89 season, shares the story of his first home purchase and the lessons he learned along the way.


A long weekend means lots of time for tackling little projects around the house, especially when opportunities to get out of the house are limited by COVID-19 and social distancing. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few DIY ideas if you need some inspiration:

DIY home projects for self-isolation and social distancing

S’mores, anyone?

This is traditionally the first big camping weekend of the year for Calgarians who are so inclined. I’m not usually one of those people for a few reasons: 1) I only go camping maybe once or twice a year, 2) long weekend highway traffic is usually a mess, and 3) the weather is always TERRIBLE. That final point is the only true certainty of every Victoria Day long weekend. (Please forget I ever said this if it ends up being beautiful and sunny all weekend, which does seem like something Mother Nature would do now just to spite me.)

COVID-19 has also thrown a wrench into this year’s festivities. There will be no May long weekend camping allowed in Alberta Parks, and for those who go elsewhere, campers who aren’t from the same household should still be staying six feet apart and not sharing food or drink. So, unless you’re exclusively camping with roommates or members of your family, it might be hard to find room for everyone around the fire.

For those who want to capture the magic of a weekend in nature, while still making an effort to stay home, may I suggest backyard camping? Just pitch a tent, light up the firepit and enjoy an ice-cold beverage that only modern refrigeration can provide. You can still roast hot dogs and marshmallows, play cornhole or ladder golf, and dramatically chop wood like you’re Paul Bunyan. But if the weather takes a turn for the worse, you can always head inside. Plus, no outhouses!

Blast from the past

Victoria Day, the federal statutory holiday that we all know and love, was originally designated to honour Queen Victoria’s birthday (May 24, 1819) and has been celebrated in Canada since the years before Confederation.

Queen Victoria died in 1901 after a 63-year-plus reign, but homes built during the Victorian era still stand in Calgary’s earliest neighbourhoods. Some have even become instantly recognizable city landmarks, including the A.E. Cross House (home to Rouge restaurant), Bow Valley Ranche in Fish Creek Park and Lougheed House.

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Have a great weekend!