Welcome to our Thanksgiving edition of the Weekender! I know this has become a tired refrain as COVID-19 continues to negatively impact our lives in many ways, but this will likely be a Thanksgiving unlike any other. That is especially true for anyone who is used to travelling relatives, a large gathering of friends and family, and a communal meal where everyone is constantly bumping elbows.

This Thanksgiving will be different, but there are still many ways to mark the occasion, whether that means a smaller, in-person meal with members of your household or cohort, or a big “Zoom” dinner where everyone is invited to join remotely.

However you choose to celebrate, I hope you have a safe and satiating long weekend.

Now, before you get to the turkey, let’s dig into this week’s stories!

This week in CREB®Now

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Four times Calgary has appeared in video games (and one honourable mention)

It’s always a small thrill to see your city featured in a popular piece of media, whether that’s a movie, a song or, in this case, a video game.

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Winterproof patios: how to equip your outdoor space for all-season enjoyment

Thanks to COVID-19, backyard get togethers have been one of the safest ways to socialize with friends and family throughout the spring and summer. Unfortunately, winter is fast approaching, but with a few modifications – and, you know, some warmer clothing – you can extend patio season into the colder months.

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REALTORS® on screen: memorable fictional real estate agents from TV and film

It turns out real estate agent is a relatively common career among TV and movie characters, so there were plenty of great performances to choose from!


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POP QUIZ: can you identify these creatively photographed Calgary landmarks?

It’s tougher than you’d think!

The funnies

It’s me. I am this Millennial. The sofa my partner and I ordered in August is now scheduled to arrive in mid-December. I guess our Christmas gift to ourselves this year will be not having to watch TV from the “comfort” of our office chairs.

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Have a great weekend!