Explaining Alberta’s plans for the fiscal year that runs from April to March, the provincial government released their 2014 budget last week. Including all incoming and outgoing provincial expenditures, the budget consists of the Operational Plan (programs and services for Albertans – this plan includes revenue and expenses), the Capital Plan (infrastructure, such as public buildings and roads) and the Savings Plan (short- and long-term savings for Alberta’s future). In order to test how much Calgarians know about how the province spends their money, CREB®Now has compiled the following list of questions.

1. What was the province’s total projected revenue in the 2014 budget?
a. $54.8 billion
b. $44.4 billion
c. $42.2 billion
d. $39.8 billion

2. While the province is projecting an operating surplus of $2.6 billion, how much debt will the provincial government incur to fund capital projects in 2014?
a. $3.2 billion
b. $2.8 billion
c. $4.7 billion
d. $5.1 billion

3. According to the provincial government, how much loss does a $1 drop in the price per barrel of Alberta oil equate to over the span of 12 months?
a. $241 million
b. $213 million
c. $325 million
d. $276 million

4. Over the next three years, the Alberta government plans to construct 50 new schools and renovate 70 aging schools in the province at a cost of more than $2 billion. To date, how much has the Alberta government budgeted for the work?
a. $1.2 billion
b. $1.8 billion
c. $1.2 billion
d. $1.6 billion

5. How much will the Alberta government spend every hour on health care in the province?
a. $800,000
b. $4.6 million
c. $450,000
d. $2.1 million

6. The Southern Alberta floods of 2013 were the single largest disaster in Canadian history. How much has the provincial government budgeted for flood recovery and mitigation projects in 2014?
a. $859 million
b. $1.4 billion
c. $589 million
d. $1.1 billion

7. According to government projections, how much will Alberta’s population grow by over the next decade?
a. 500,000
b. 1,000,000
c. 750,000
d. 634,000

8. How many new students are estimated to enter Alberta’s school system next year?
a. 23,000
b. 27,000
c. 18,000
d. 12,500

9. Health care in Alberta is responsible for what percentage of operational expenses in the provincial budget?
a. 30 per cent
b. 17 per cent
c. 45 per cent
d. 27 per cent

10. How many kilometres of Alberta roads will be “rehabilitated” as part of the provincial budget?
a. 2,500
b. 3,700
c. 1,600
d. 2,000

Answers: 1.b 2.d 3.b 4.c 5.d 6.a 7.b 8.c 9.c 10.a