Upside of refinance and renovations

The exception to the maximum refinance rule

nolan On July 9, 2012, then Finance minister Jim Flaherty introduced a rule preventing  homeowners from borrowing more than 80 per cent of their property value.

The logic behind this decision was clear – to prevent Canadians from using their home equity as a bank account like many Americans did leading up to the credit crisis in 2008.

The implications were immediate. Canadians could no longer refinance higher interest debts into low-interest rate mortgages. Not-so coincidently, consumer debt levels correspondingly jumped. (more…)

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Devil in the details with low-rate mortgages

Save long-term pain by reading the fine print

nolanConsumers taking advantage of low mortgage rates from banks and brokers may not realize  what they are truly getting – or in some cases what they’re not getting.

Last week, Mortgage360 received three inquiries from homeowners whose respective mortgages went wrong with other brokers or banks. In all three cases, the homeowners had attempted to refinance their previous low-rate five-year fixed mortgages into new, lower-rate variable mortgages. (more…)

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