Coffee table conundrum

Living surfaces shouldn’t be cause for a decor dilemma

My clients often agonize over the coffee table décor dilemma. It turns out it’s not difficult at all to tablescape your coffee table and I’m here to show you how. As always,

I prefer a clean and simple look, even when it’s jam-packed and eclectic. I’ve got three coffee table examples that run the gamut of decorating styles. A mid-century modern look, an electric traditional bohemian look and a clean contemporary bachelors coffee table. (more…)

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Being a Better Book Keeper

As an interior designer I am often called upon to help my clients decide where to place and display their books. Whether you are an avid paperback reader or you have an entire family devoted to hefty hardcovers, I’m going to show you some inexpensive ways to turn those books into a focal point for your room.

Hardcover books often come with a lofty price tag. Many of my clients request built-in display shelving which they plan to eventually fill with books yet to be purchased. I want to caution against this, as a single shelf worth of hardcover books can cost hundreds of dollars. (more…)

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How To Make Your Bed

As a designer who has viewed over 300 of my client’s bedrooms in the last decade, I know many of you remain a bit stymied over how to “make your bed”. I’ve seen my share of ornate; scratchy; motel-style bedspreads pulled right up over the pillows in a bumpy mess. Rather than go to therapy for my messy bed nightmares, I thought I would show you how to present your bed when potential buyers might be strolling through your master bedroom or when your designer comes to call. No matter what style of decorating you prefer, I have some simple rules for you to follow: (more…)

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