Charting a new course

Homebuilding officials warn proposed governmental power shift could impact homebuyers in a big way

Before Calgarians step into a voting booth to elect a new city council a year from now, there could be a whole new ball game of city governance over everything from land assessments to affordable housing and even new taxing powers.

New city charters originally proposed in 2014, and only recently made available for public feedback, are intended to give new powers and responsibilities to Alberta’s two largest municipalities. They may affect Calgarians on everything from residential speed limits and fines, environmental protection, integration of land-use and transportation strategies and investment to civic administrative efficiencies that stretch from council roles to establishment of bylaw tribunals.

And there will almost certainly be changes that impact the homebuilding industry, and ultimately homebuyers.


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Calgary Gets 10 New Schools

Alberta’s Premier is following through on a promise she made to Albertan’s to build and modernize schools throughout the province.

Many new schools and schools to be modernized have been announced over the past couple months in Calgary. Most recently an announcement was made by the Alberta government to build 10 more new schools and modernize one more. (more…)

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