What is your garden style?

Not everything is timeless when it comes to outdoor design

Do you have a high-end ultra-modern home with striking features that looks like it came out of a recent copy of Architectural Digest?
What about your yard? Does it look like it came from a Home and Garden magazine circa 1985?
This jarring contrast of cottage-style garden with modern home seems hard to understand until you think of the process. Homeowners do not design homes – builders and architects do. Yet homeowners are the ones often design their own gardens.

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Living It Up on 17th

When deciding on what area of Calgary would be the perfect location to call home, amenities and lifestyle can be a huge factor.

Calgary’s 17th Avenue offers a great location for those wanting to be close to downtown living and includes close to 400 unique shops, restaurants, coffee shops and pubs along the well-known stretch of road.

Beltline resident, Lindsey Rizkalla said, “I really like living within walking or biking distance of everything I need.” (more…)

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