A recent survey for the Town of Cochrane, conducted by Ipsos, found quality of life for the more than 17,500 residents is high.

The survey found:

  • 99 per cent of residents said overall quality of life is good or very good
  • 72 per cent said they good good value for their municipal tax dollars
  • 93 per cent said they are satisfied with the overall level and quality of Town services

“I’m proud of how Cochranites feel about this community,” said Mayor Ivan Brooker. “Also, I know there are ways we can improve Town services.”

Areas that saw improvement compared to the last survey, conducted in 2009 included an 11 per cent increase in arts and culture facility satisfaction; an 11 per cent increase in municipal enforcement including bylaw and animal control and a seven per cent increase in land use and community planning.

One decrease was seen in the survey and that was seven per cent of respondents less satisfied with recreation programs such as swimming lessons than reported in 2009.

In October, CREBNow reported Cochrane council’s approval for a new $45 million aquatic and curling centre.