The City’s annual Spring Clean-Up kicks off April 13.

While the official start of the clean-up is Monday, some sweepers have already hit the streets taking advantage off the fair weather. Winter sweeping, as it’s known, allows crews to get a head start on cleaning the 15,000 lane kilometres of roadway in the city reducing he amount of material that can get washed into the sewer system.

This year’s clean-up schedule is available on an interactive map, found here, and should be completed in time for the Calgary Stampede.

The City offered some tips for gravel and other debris left behind due to a car left behind during sweeping:

  • When cleaning up gravel, dust, rocks and other debris, put all materials into a garbage bag and double bag it. This will help keep the air free of dust and keep garbage collection vehicles clean as well.
  • Rocks and other material may be heavy and need to be double-bagged to avoid punctures and rips in the bags.
  • For your garbage collector’s safety, make sure your bags are less than 20 kilograms and place all debris inside your black cart for removal.