Courtesy Blanket Universal Home Warranty

Not only is buying a home one of the biggest investments people can make, many homeowners push their financial resources to the limit when doing so. This is especially true in today’s economy, where high home prices, compounded by the inevitable rise in interest rates, affect the ability to purchase.

Along with steadily rising household debt, unexpected repairs or breakdowns can add further financial burden to homeowners.

Blanket’s Universal Home Warranty provides Canada’s most comprehensive coverage against unexpected repairs or breakdowns that can cost homeowners thousands of dollars, whether they own a new or pre-owned home. Our coverage fills the gap that a standard homeowner’s policy does not cover.

Did you know?

  • Most homeowners don’t know they own the exterior service lines from their home to the municipal line. Damage to these lines is NOT COVERED under a standard homeowner’s policy.
  • Most homeowners do not have funds set aside for unexpected repairs or breakdowns.
  • A stand alone warranty for one appliance or service line can cost $250 or more.

Covered losses

  • An underground sewer line ruptured from tree root damage or frost/freezing: total loss $10,000.
  • An air conditioning system working in an overheated operating condition fails electrically and had to be replaced: total loss $5,101.
  • A main electrical panel’s breaker fails to trip as designed, overheating wiring, switches and appliances that had to be replaced along with the circuit: total loss $13,992.
  • The electronic control panel in a fridge malfunctions and is not repairable: total loss $3,995.

A Blanket Universal Home Warranty Policy is an easy and affordable solution to protect your home and provides homeowners with peace of mind knowing unexpected breakdowns or repairs are covered. For more information visit