A survey, commissioned by Oxford Properties and conducted by Environics Research Group showed that Canadians value a reasonable commute to work.

The average national time it takes to drive to work is 29 minutes, in Calgary the average commuting time is 27 minutes.

The survey found that office workers are looking for employment opportunities with companies that are closer to home, and that are located near convenient amenities. Canadians believe that an acceptable amount of time to commit to the commute is about 30 minutes one way.

Three-quarters of Canadians identify a reasonable commute to the office as their most valued attribute; the survey showed that the runnerup is access to public transportation. Currently only half of workers believe that their workplace is situated within a reasonable commute.

In exchange for a shorter commute, 33 per cent of workers would be willing to work an extra three hours per week, and 28 per cent would work longer to be within walking or biking distance.

It was also found that the majority of the survey respondents only work in the office, and never off-site. Calgarians ranked the highest at 2.5 days a month that they work outside of the office.