Sales reached a record high by the end of the first quarter. While the typical detached home in Chestermere is priced higher than the typical home in Calgary, it is also generally larger and newer.

Low interest rates and the desire for additional space among many buyers have helped create the strong demand seen in this town.

Like in many other centres, Chestermere’s improvements in new listings in the first quarter were not enough to fully offset the gains in sales. As a result, inventories remained low relative to levels we typically see in the first quarter of the year. This caused the months of supply to drop to just under three months, the lowest level recorded in the first quarter since 2006.

This is not as tight as in some of the other surrounding areas, but Chestermere typically records a month of supply closer to seven months in the first quarter.

Tighter market conditions have been causing prices gains in this market. Benchmark prices have risen by over two per cent each quarter since the third quarter of 2020.

By the end of the first quarter in 2021, benchmark prices pushed up to $509,900, nearly seven per cent higher than last year’s levels. The gains were even higher in the detached sector, where year-over-year gains surpassed eight per cent for a new quarterly record at $531,033.