Anyone who has ever gone through the process of selling a home knows that at some point there will likely be strangers walking through their home. We know that it is simply a part of the process to show your home to prospective buyers. But, we don’t always take the time to think about what it is that those potential homebuyers have access to once in our home.

You have probably taken the time to make your house a home. You have hung family pictures and decorated the kids’ rooms. You have found a safe place for your passports and important documents.

Overall your home, because it is somewhere you have lived for a while, is comfortable and familiar.

What you don’t notice when you walk through the front door anymore is what the strangers in your home do notice. The family picture over the fireplace shows off your children, the Christmas card on your fridge lets them know your children’s names.

Simple items that you now ignore are items that may be noticed by everyone coming into your home.

Here is a list of items to consider tucking away or putting somewhere safe until your home is sold.

-Family photos, take them down and place them in a box in the basement.

-Mail with your name on it, don’t leave any personal information on display. A credit card offer with your name on it could lead to trouble.

-Decorations in children’s rooms, especially anything with their name on it or a picture.

-Passports and important documents, ie birth certificates, purchase a safe or take these items to a safe deposit box or to the home of a trusted family member.

-Personal calendars, don’t leave a calendar on display it basically announces when you may not be home.

– Turn off your computer, or lock it with a code so that it’s not easily accessible.

Closets, drawers and cupboards are not hiding places. A potential home buyer may take the time to check all of the nooks and crannies.

Be sure to protect yourself, lock your important belongings away and remove anything that can identify your family.