Steve McLinden’s article for provides several tips on how real estate buyers and sellers can take advantage of the quickly recovering housing market. McLinden, however, cautions buyers about being complacent, and instead advises them to settle all debts to raise their credit ratings to eventually get good deals. Sellers, on the other hand, should expect or conform to changes in people’s buying behavior.

Back up a bit and first get a free copy of your credit report, then fix any blips to save on higher mortgage interest rates. Break down your essential monthly bills and reconcile them against your family income, then use an online mortgage calculator to see how much wiggle room you’ll have once you buy. Remember to factor in closing costs, inspection fees, loan fees, legal fees and emergencies.

As one of the world’s strongest performing real estate markets, Calgary offers homebuyers and realtors a guaranteed high return on investment (ROI). Yet mortgage fees mortgage fees are expected to slightly increase as winter approaches, so those who are seeking to refinance may have difficulty finding affordable rates. Along with inflation comes changes in certain mortgage policies. Meanwhile, buyers must be on guard not only for market fluctuations but also pay particular attention to the physical condition of whatever property they’re buying.

Switch on that stove, run the faucets (including the baths), check the water pressure, activate the sprinklers, turn on all the lights, flush the toilets, turn on the air conditioning and heat, test the remotes and venture into the closets and look for signs of brown splotches or fresh paint for evidence of roof leaks. Granted, you might not feel comfortable doing all these at the open house, but you certainly can at the final walk-through.

When it comes to prime real estate in Calgary, buyers can’t afford to commit any gross oversight and must take the time to conduct detailed property inspections. Licensed REALTORS® affiliated with associations like the Calgary Real Estate Board (CREB®) typically advise home buyers to get an expert to help with the inspection. These real estate professionals typically have access to Multiple Listing Services System (MLS®) and can recommend a considerable range of quality properties for lease, sale, or rent in keeping with your budget and personal preferences.

As for financing real estate in Calgary, homebuyers will benefit more by paying a higher downpayment. In fact, those who do so typically suffer less from rising refinancing costs as winter approaches. In any case, it would be advisable to transact with an accredited REALTOR® who can guide you every step of the way.

(Info from Ten Tips for Buying and Selling Homes in 2013, Fox Business)