With a history in accounting, sales and management, CREB®’s newly appointed president for 2013 — Becky Walters — has been in real estate since 1988. Walters took the time to share her fascination with real estate, the city’s biggest strengths and her thoughts on Calgary’s best-kept secret.

CREB®>> How did you get into the real estate field?

Walters>> Sales is my background, since I was a teen and real estate always fascinated me. As soon as we moved to Alberta with my young family, I decided that it was the right time and place to start my career as a REALTOR®.

CREB®>> What ’s the biggest change you’ve seen in the real estat e field since you started out?

Walters>> In 1988, when I got started in real estate, we were employees of the company. In 1994 the rules changed and we became independent contractors, therefore entrepreneurs.

CREB®>> What do you think is Calgary’s biggest strength as a city?

Walters>> Calgary has always had the atmosphere of a small town, being able to keep its friendly and caring attitude as it grows.

CREB®>> What advice would you give someone moving to Calgary?

Walters>> Take the time to see all parts of the city and surrounding areas, there is so much to get involved in.

CREB®>> In your opinion what makes a good community?

Walters>> Being able to walk to what you enjoy; parks, schools, shops, transit.

CREB®>> What ’s the best way to spend a day off in the city?

Walters>> The Bow River pathways are fabulous to walk, run, bike or just to sit by the river and watch the wildlife.

CREB®>> Does Calgary have a best-kept secret? What is it?

Walters>> Fish Creek Park, the abundance of wildlife and the beauty in nature all through the south end of the city.

CREB®>> What is your favourite room in the house and why?

Walters>> Family and friends always gather in the kitchen.