Calgarians will now be shelling out a little more to use some city services.

With the arrival of the New Year, user fees for services like public transit and recreation facilities have increased.

Along with increased recreation and transit costs, which bring the price of an adult single ticket to $3 from $2.75 and a monthly pass from $94 to $96, Calgary residents will also pay slightly more for curbside recycling and waste management.

The monthly cost of having curbside recycling via the city’s Blue Cart program has increased from $7.40 to $7.70, while the monthly cost for waste management has risen from $4.70 to $4.90.

For city duffers, the cost of hitting the links on City of Calgary owned courses has also increased, with prices now ranging from $42 for an 18-hole weekday round at McCall Lake to $55 for a 18-hole weekend round at Maple Ridge.

Wastewater service charges for metered residential customers have also increased, rising from $14.67 per 30 days in 2013 to $15.75 in addition to the monthly usage rate which now sits at $1.72 per cubic metre. For residential flat rate customers, the monthly rate is now $5.88 per thousand sq. ft. of actual lot area plus $18.34 per thousand sq. ft. of gross building area.