Calgary is home to a thriving and diverse culinary scene, but a handful of high-profile restaurants tend to hog the limelight. This is unfortunate, as the city is brimming with fantastic food and hard-working restaurateurs, sometimes in unexpected places. Here are some the neighbourhood gems where Calgarians love to eat. They might not be flashy, but each is uniquely delicious.

1. Afghan Kabob Cuisine Community: Castleridge Come Here For: Excellent Afghan cuisine, including mantu (beef or lamb dumplings), nahkot (roasted chickpeas) and a variety of delicious kabobs.

2. Atlas Specialty Market & Persian Cuisine Community: Downtown West End Come Here For: Delectable Persian favourites, including ghormeh sabzi (a fragrant herb and beef stew) and badenjan (fried eggplant and beef in a tomato broth).

3. Banana Leaf Tropical Cuisine Community: Horizon Industrial Park Come Here For: Unpretentious and flavourful Malaysian and Taiwanese dishes, including spicy seafood curry laksa and roti canai.

4. Cozy Kitchen Community: Manchester Industrial Park Come Here For: Calgary’s only Bosnian restaurant experience, with dishes that include pita burek (beef-filled phyllo pastry) and chevapi with lepinya (sausages with flatbread).

5. Naina’s Kitchen Community: Mission Come Here For: Their famous stuffed burgers, including the Nainalicious (filled with pulled pork, cheddar cheese, apple and caramelized onions) and the poutine stuffed burger (filled with fries, cheese curds and gravy).

6. Patisserie du Soleil Bakery Café Community: Woodbine Come Here For: Instagram-worthy pastries, rich espressos and classic French dishes like beef bourguignon and braised lamb shank.

7. Pfanntastic Pannenkoek Haus Community: North Glenmore Park Come Here For: Delicious sweet or savoury Dutch pancakes (“Pannenkoek”), with toppings that range from bacon and egg, to apple and cinnamon.

8. Santorini Greek Taverna Community: Crescent Heights Come Here For: Authentic, homemade Greek dishes, including spanakopita (pastry filled with spinach and feta), dolmathes (stuffed grape leaves with a creamy lemon sauce) and moussaka (a hearty meal of eggplant, ground meat and a béchamel sauce).

9. White Elephant Thai Cuisine Community: Vista Heights Come Here For: Authentic Thai dishes – including pad se-ew, tom ka kai and matsaman curry – in a strange, but charming, location.