Trends come and go. Feature walls, blackboard paint and wall to wall surface treatments have been popular for so long now that you might want to consider something a bit more individual. Why not try a wallpaper mural to brighten your space?

Humans have been decorating their walls with paintings since the earliest of times. The ancient Egyptians and Greeks started the trend and it’s been popular ever since. You don’t need to hire Michelangelo to create your custom masterpiece, as there are literally hundreds of companies that specialize in easy to install wallpaper murals now. You will find examples of trompe l’oeil (a style of painting in which things are painted in a way that makes them look like real objects), custom wall maps and iconoclastic imagery to choose from. Far less pricey than a large framed painting or photograph, today’s wall murals can elevate a hohum room into a stylish retreat and all you need to do is measure.

Visit for a custom wall map of your favorite corner of the world. I’ve got one on the way for my guest bathroom. All you have to do is take a screen shot of your preferred location on google maps; send it off along with measurements of your wall; and the folks at Wallpapered will send you back a proof, perfectly sized to your space. Easy to install (it arrives with wallpaper paste) and wipeable, it should be a perfect fit in my modern space.

If you’re leaning more towards a calming trompe l’oeil image, consider Cole and Sons’ Woods wallpaper. This wonderful repeating image of minimal birch trees is a design classic and never gets old. I love it as much today as I ever did. I have used this in my client’s homes for nearly every room. It’s beautiful in a foyer, relaxing and room heightening in a dining room and calming in a bedroom. You can find it retail through Anthropologie.

If an entire wall still feels like too much commitment, try going with a set-size mural. Marimekko carries many of their lively patterns and images in wall mural form. Sold in twopiece panels, the murals will take up only a portion of your wall and act more as artwork. Their hetkia mural remains one of my all time favorite images from this iconic Finnish company. You can shop the rest of the collection online at

Perhaps you still have reservations or commitment issues. No problem! You can also find amazing wall stickers to decorate your space. Simply peel and stick. Remove when you want a new look. I know you are thinking Disney Princess, but I promise you, there are choices for adults as well. I really like the witty collections from Ferm Living You can also go custom with wall stickers. Try for made to order.

Lori-Andrews---webLori Andrews is an insanely happy Interior Designer and photographer living in Calgary, Alberta Canada.