When you live in a small space it is so important to maximize every square inch! How can you do that when you live in a 700 square foot condo with two people, one dog and one bedroom? It can be simpler than it seems.

1>> Start with your closets. Most condos or apartments usually have the builder’s grade wire; you know it — one rack with a shelf above, and maybe a small section for dresses? If you upgrade to a simple but effective custom closet you can double or triple the amount of storage space! Putting drawers in the closets, for example, will allow you to get rid of clunky dressers or armoires. Don’t forget about your front entrance either. Think about it — all your coats are not the same length and your boots are not the same height. Doing a custom closet will create organized sections allowing for adjustability.

2>> Make sure your furniture fits. Your bed is the first thing to reduce. I realize the idea of downsizing your king size bed makes you sick, but it is the easiest way to free up some space. If you can find a coffee table with storage, it’s a great way to store your movies, remotes and knitting bags.

3>> Invest in a comfortable sofa bed or a wall bed. This will help a small bedroom become a den or office space while you are not entertaining guests.

4>> Use your wall space. Walls aren’t just for pictures — you can install shelving for books, baskets, record collections etc., you get my point!

5>> Your entertainment space is vital. Try to install your TV and sound systems on the wall so that you don’t have big furniture pieces eating up your living space. You can do cool entertainment units that will house your components and give you proper cord management.

6>> Doors. You may be asking ‘What do my doors have to do with space efficiency?’ If you can install sliding doors instead of bifold or hinged doors, it will help make your hallways feel bigger, and hey, everything helps!

If you don’t have the opportunity to install the closets worthy of the Kardashian family, it’s still possible to install something a little simpler that will make your home feel like a million bucks and give you the space you deserve.

LiShelle Trembath is the Senior Design Consultant at California Closets and a photographer who lives in Calgary, AB. LishelleTPhotography.com