A new luxury condo development is headed for Mission.

The XII includes 14-storeys of suites each spanning an entire level, with the exception of two, two-level suites.

“Research led us to what we have today which is essentially 12 single-family homes that happen to be stacked on top of each other and we determined nothing like this existed in Calgary, just elsewhere like Vancouver, New York and other cities of equal stature to Calgary so we decided to provide that part of the opportunity,” said Stanley Yasin, managing partner for The XII.

One of the most interesting features of The XII is its automated parking system.

“Swipe a card, the car will automatically drop and park itself, while its doing that it’ll rotate so when you retrieve the car it comes back up and you’re facing out,” explained Yasin. “When you do want to leave you’ll push a three or four button code from your suite, get in the elevator, as you’re going down the elevator the car will start coming up, basically by the time you get to the lobby the car will be there waiting for you.”

Other features include private consultations with architect Jeremy Sturgess, interior designer Douglas Cridland and a trip to Vancouver to meet with the bulthaup kitchens team. All levels include floor-to-ceiling windows and range from $2.95- to $5.8-million.

“The features come together to provide a building that is light years beyond anything currently available in the market and will be iconic for many years to come,” said Sturgess. “The XII is a jewel of urban elegance and will be a legacy. Residents will be living in some of the best space in Canada.”

The XII has an anticipated completion of 2017.