A high-end look and feel to a home doesn’t always require a high-end budget. Tyler Difley / For CREB®Now

While many people have grand aspirations when it comes to the aesthetic of their home, not everyone has the money to pay for a beautifully designed luxury home or a series of expensive renovations. Thankfully, there are a number of quick and easy ways to achieve a luxurious look in any room without the luxury price tag.

Upgrade with tile

Installing a new tile backsplash in your kitchen or bathroom is a simple and relatively inexpensive way to achieve a beautiful, refined look. Classic subway tile is a cost-effective option that looks great in almost any room. With a slightly higher budget, you can even introduce two tile designs in different colours and sizes to create pleasing contrast.

Architectural details

Small architectural details can make a big difference when it comes to giving your room a luxurious feel. It can be as easy as adding an inexpensive ceiling medallion to the base of a light fixture to make it a focal point, or using narrow strips of moulding to create panelling on walls that will draw eyes to specific parts of the room.

Co-ordinate hardware finishes

The simple act of replacing mismatched accessories and finishes gives a polished and luxurious look to any bathroom or kitchen.

Update your walkway and entryway

The first thing visitors will see as they enter your home, simple changes to your home’s walkway and entry can make a big different when it comes to curb appeal and exterior aesthetic. Try using a dark coloured door or accents, as well as complementary landscaping and potted plants to frame your entry, in order to make it a focal point.

Update fixtures

Dated or worn-out fixtures will immediately draw the attention of visitors to your home, and not in a good way. Replacing them with new, modern fixtures is an easy way to change the feel of an entire room and give it a more refined, luxurious look.

Invest in art

Adding art is one of the easiest ways to spruce up any room and give it a look of luxurious sophistication. Art also adds a personal, intentional touch to the home, and serves as a fantastic conversation starter. Using matching frames can make any art collection look professional and gallery worthy – find a cheap frame style that you like then buy in bulk to achieve this look.

Set the mood

Even if the contents of a room don’t exactly exude luxury, mood lighting can create luxurious ambience. A combination of recessed lighting and strategically placed decorative floor lamps can highlight focal points throughout the room.

Make a statement

Statement pieces don’t have to be expensive – just striking or eye-catching. Beloved possessions displayed in groupings are great conversation starters. A plush rug with a timeless pattern adds a feeling of warmth and luxury to any room, even if the rug isn’t very expensive. Metallic accent pieces in bronze, gold or copper shades look expensive even when they’re not, and fit with a number of common design styles.

Design with intention

in any room. A cohesive design style and palette, with purposeful decorations and accents, makes everything look like it’s there for a reason. Every detail in the room should belong and complement everything else – nothing should be there simply because you had nowhere else to put it. This will set your room apart from others filled with hand-me-down, broken or worn-out design pieces and furnishings that clash and cheapen the overall look of the room.

Keep things clean and organized

This simple step makes a huge difference. No matter how much money you’ve spent on a particular room in the house, if it’s messy and disorganized that’s all visitors will see. Maintaining a clean and tidy room elevates its aesthetic and makes even the most basic design pieces look their best.