Celebrating recognition of heritage conservation, the Calgary Heritage Authority Lion Awards are introducing a new category this year.

In the wake of the flooding in June 2013 the awards, taking place July 31, are introducing a sub-category for flood recovery.

“We want to recognize those property owners that have recovered from the flood but we especially want to recognize those property owners who have gone a little bit further with a little extra love and passion,” said Clint Robertson, City of Calgary heritage planner.

One of those homeowners is Cory Miller. Miller, an educator and former opera singer, grew up in the 1912 constructed home, today known as the Baird/Miller residence. The Elbow Park home was constructed by Joseph Howard, a contractor who built five other sandstone residences in the same area, part of what is known as the Glencoe Triangle.

“I’ve decided it’s very important to preserve what’s left of Calgary’s heritage to give back in whatever way we can,” said Miller, so that’ s what we’re doing. We’ve declared this house a heritage home for the next hundred years.

During last year’s flooding, more than five feet of water filled Miller’s basement.

“It’s just so foul, pulling everything up and everything, your whole life, your family’s life, all materials that you’ve known are going in the dump, everything. Everyone here can attest, you lose everything, family heirlooms, things that people don’t value but mean a great deal to those individuals.”


The Lion Awards are presented biennially by the Calgary Heritage Authority at a free, public gala. Applications are available at www.calgary.ca/lionawards.

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