One of my frequent requests from clients is to design a “kid-proof” home. I must tell you, If I am completely honest about this, it’s impossible. I don’t have children, but daily life (and the occasional party) have provided plenty of visible damage in my home – like the time someone danced in stilettos on my beautiful hardwood floors, or the red wine I spilled on the day my new white carpet was installed. Or that time I knocked over my brand new custom credenza because I opened all the drawers at once and damaged four of the drawer fronts. Spills and scratches are going to happen. I like to remind my clients of the five-foot rule. If you can’t see damage from a standing position, it doesn’t exist.

All types of flooring are subject to possible damage; try to consider your new hardwood scratches as a natural and charming authentic aging process. Tile can break, carpet can stain and Marmoleum can get damaged. Whether it’s you moving the fridge for cleaning or the kids riding their skateboards in the house while you are out in the backyard, make sure you choose the best quality you can afford and don’t worry about life’s little accidents.

When you are furnishing the living room, consider investing in pieces that will last. You can always re-cover the chairs or sofa once the little ones are grown. This is a far better option than purchasing disposable furniture that will end up in a landfill when you are ready to buy your “real” furniture.


Lori Andrews is an insanely happy Interior Designer and photographer living in Calgary, Alberta Canada.