The Great Plains camp, built in October to house about 700 people displaced by the floods, will close on Jan. 31.

Demand for the camp was lower than expected, with the peak population at just over 70 people, and December saw a decrease to 45 people.

The Great Plains camp, located in southeast Calgary and the Saddlebrook camp, located north of High River were opened as temporary camps for Albertans who needed a place to live after the June floods.

Saddlebrook camp was built to accommodate about 1,100 people, although less than 500 people are still living at that camp.

Staff have met with each of the 28 households calling Great Plains home, to give them alternative housing options, including moving to the Saddlebrook camp.

For an individual living at the camp it costs $627 per month, and $1,360 per month for a family of two adults and four children. These costs include meals, utilities and recreation services.

City council has asked if the trailers could be repurposed as affordable housing, but City administrators are advising that is not a great option, as safety codes prohibit the use of unit kitchens.

The camp is located in the path of the future extension of 61st Avenue S.E., meaning the trailers will have to be relocated if they are going to be repurposed.