The City has announced plans for an addition to the path and bikeway along the crest of the Glenmore Reservoir.

Once completed, the “missing link” — as the section of pathway is being touted — will provide Calgarians with both a scenic resource and recreational amenity joining an existing path in North Glenmore Park to the one along the Glenmore Trail Causeway.

“We are meeting the needs and desires of Calgarians by completing this missing link in the regional pathway,” said Anne Charlton, director of Parks. “In addition to connecting pathways and communities, this new pathway will give our citizens the opportunity to connect with the landscape and the beauty of this important water resource within our city.”

Planning for the new link has been on city council’s radar for almost 20 years and will fulfill a vision identified in both Calgary’s Urban Park Master Plan and the Open Space Plan to strengthen the connection of a continuous pathway around the reservoir.

Planning and design for the link will start this year but construction isn’t expected to begin until 2017. For more information, visit