Already the focus of plenty of attention, Calgary’s thriving real estate market will once again find itself under the spotlight at the 14th annual Calgary Real Estate Forum.

Taking place Oct. 14 at the TELUS Convention Centre, the forum provides insights into one of the hottest markets in Canada.

Gathering experts from across the real estate spectrum – including Warren Jestin, chief economist at Scotiabank and Chris Ollenberger, executive vice president at OPUS Corporation, the forum help those in attendance gain an understanding of the issues that will impact the city’s growing real estate markets in the months to come.

“The economy in Calgary is probably one of, if not the strongest economy in North America, so the real estate sector should follow suit,” said show manager Mark Stephenson. “Everyone is interested about everything in Calgary, but certainly real estate is the focus as it’s on the upswing again.”

Also included in the list of presenters at the forum is Rollin Stanley, general manager of Planning, Development & Assessment for the City of Calgary. Stanley, who previously served as planning director in the Washington D.C. area before coming to Calgary, likely having plenty to say as the forum’s luncheon keynote speaker, having emerged as an outspoken figure on issues like transportation and urban density.

“We’re very excited to hear what [Rollin] has to say,” said Stephenson, who added that this year’s show was nearly sold out. “I think he’s got some new ideas and people are keen to hear them – it should be an interesting discussion.”

For the first time, the Calgary Leasing Conference was separated from the Calgary Real Estate Forum offering delegates an opportunity to attend a secondary conference and benefit from a program of engaging leasing experts and professionals. This change was implemented in response to the feedback organizers received from individuals who found it increasingly difficult to be away from the office for more than two consecutive days.

Also included in the topics under discussion at the forum were office market developments in the suburbs versus downtown; a survey of the retail market; development in oil sand communities; land-use by-laws and approvals; and debt financing.

For more information for the Calgary Real Estate Forum, visit or call 1-877-739-2112.