Julie-Ann Nasiri, the 2016 People's REALTOR®, says receiving her award was one of the proudest moments of her life.

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Honest. Dedicated. Personable.

While those adjectives may describe the perfect best friend, they also outline the character traits of the People’s REALTOR® – a prestigious award that recognizes real estate professionals whose client-first mentality shatters expectations.

Part of CREB®’s annual ROAR Awards, candidates for the People’s REALTOR® Award are nominated by the public for being the best of the best in the eyes of their clients.

CREB®Now recently sat down with the 2016 People’s REALTOR®, Julie-Ann Nasiri, to chat about her win and why people should consider taking the time to nominate an industry professional.

CREB®Now: How did it feel to be nominated for the People’s REALTOR® ROAR Award?

Nasiri: Having my clients nominate me for the award was a truly amazing experience. I was honoured to know my clients felt I had significantly impacted their lives in such a positive manner—something I will continually strive to maintain.

CREB®Now: As a People’s REALTOR®, what does customer service mean to you?

I always strive to do the best for my clients and treat them honestly and openly.

Nasiri: Being a REALTOR® is part and parcel with being an educator, and property is our curriculum. As such, I do my best to make certain that my clients are aware of the process every step of the way. I always strive to do the best for my clients and treat them honestly and openly. This has resulted in a lot of great friendships.

CREB®Now: How did it feel when your name was called for the award?

Nasiri: I am not sure that I can appropriately express the influx of emotions. I was, of course, incredibly overcome with joy, but also with a lot of nervous energy. It was one of the proudest and most wonderful moments of my life.

CREB®Now: How does the ROAR Awards impact local real estate?

Nasiri: The ROAR Awards promote awareness of the best practices and achievements within our industry and it provides the public a great view of the dedicated work of REALTORS®. If we in the real estate industry have confidence in our abilities, we project that onto other real estate professionals and clients.

CREB®Now: Why should people take the time to nominate an exceptional REALTOR®?

Nasiri: It shows that they have respect for a REALTOR®’s achievement – they are celebrating the real estate industry as a whole. This recognition is essential in creating an industry of greatness, which in turn, creates a positive message and experience throughout.

If you know an exceptional REALTOR® in Calgary and area, head over to www.roarawards.com/nominate to make sure they’re in the running for 2017.

The deadline to submit is midnight on March 8.