CREBNow is taking over.

Have you ever donated or thought about donating blood?

On December 3rd 2012 CREBnow is joining forces with Canadian Blood Services to give the ultimate holiday gift – blood.

Help us to reach our goal to fill each and every one of the 210 appointment slots available on December 3rd. Amongst our CREB® employees, our membership, the public and our online communities we are confident that we can fill the day.

Your donation will go to helping cancer patients, transplant patients, surgeries, accidents, etc. Only about 1 hour of your time can help to save a life.
If you are over 17, weigh at least 50kg (110 lb), haven’t donated within 56 days prior to December 3rd, and are in general good health, book your appointment today

Every donation helps and every donation is appreciated more than you know.

Here is some information to answer your questions, get you prepared and for you to register.

To book an appointment, click here Canadian Blood Services

If you are not already registered, click “register now,” fill in the required information, agree to the terms and click “continue.”
After confirming your account via your email address, sign in again. Click on “Book an Appointment,” select Dec. 3rd and the time that is convenient for you.

Basic Eligibility
Basic Eligibility Information

Do you know how many uses we have for donated blood?
Who Needs Blood?

Do you know that blood is the human body’s renewable resource? – View the process
How Donations Work – Video

Do you know what your blood type is and what types you can give to?
What Your Blood Type Means

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