Recent advances in technology mean that consumers have more options for finding homes than ever before. We want to make sure they continue to choose the best option using their REALTOR® as a trusted adviser and finding their next home through MLS®. More than ever, it means REALTORS® must be focused on consumers’ needs.

That’s why CREB®’s board of directors set a strategic goal of being member centric but consumersensitive. What does this mean?

Member centric is simple. It reflects the mandate we’ve had since CREB® was formed many years ago. It means everything we do is to help members succeed in serving their clients: creating a more seamless transaction process, employing the latest technology and connecting members with new clients through new tools like social media. We also want to demonstrate the unique value REALTORS® bring to the most important purchase many people will make in their lives.

At the same time, we realize both we and our members must be highly sensitive to consumer needs because consumers today have a broader range of choices than ever before. We cannot take consumer patronage for granted and we cannot assume that having access to the MLS® is in itself a compelling reason to use a REALTOR®. More than ever, we have to earn our customers’ patronage.

We do that by listening to what consumers tell us they want. We must probe deeply to understand their needs so we can make the tough job of finding the perfect home as simple as possible. We must show consumers how our years of experience, knowledge of local market conditions and intimate understanding of purchase and sale contracts will help them get the best value. We also want them to know we are constantly striving to achieve the highest level of professionalism so they can be certain a REALTOR®’s services are the best option.

Consumers are often very busy and feel overwhelmed by the challenges of the home purchase or sale experience. By staying highly attuned to their needs, we can demonstrate the value REALTORS® bring to our clients.

CREB® is here to help REALTORS® succeed by helping you find new clients and share valuable information with your existing clients. We’re experimenting in social media to create new ways to connect and collect feedback. As always, we’ll feed this information back to our members, so they can constantly find new ways to serve our valued clients even better.

Bob Jablonski
CREB® President