After a positive pilot project, a program adopted by CREB® promoting the safety of both REALTORS® and residents of apartment-style buildings is growing.

After an attack on a local REALTOR® in November 2011, one downtown building adopted CREB®’s Lobbybox program last summer followed by a second building soon after. By Labour Day, 20 buildings in the city will have the new feature.

A REALTOR® safety task force, created after the November attack, identified an innovative program where a centralized lockbox is placed in a secure, centralized, safe location — usually the front entrance or lobby of a building.

“We are pleased to be able to create solutions with both corporations and the consumer to enhance both our members’ safety and theirs,” said Becky Walters, CREB® president. “We encourage any dialogue that helps achieve this.”

REALTOR® Safety Month continues throughout the month of June including a number of education courses designed to keep REALTORS® safe.

“At CREB® we believe every REALTOR® deserves a safe working environment,” said Walters. “We regularly provide courses and materials to our members, promoting safe working practices.”