“Given future consumer expectations, what is the role of the REALTOR® in five to 10 years, and what will the implications be for organized real estate?” Map to the Future by Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA).

In March, CREA membership approved a Map to the Future – a series of ideas and actions that will start REALTORS® along the road to change. Some of the ideas are common sense while other ideas are more provocative and controversial. Now it is time for REALTORS® to act on the plan. REALTORS® across Canada have a big stake in what comes of the discussion and planning from the Map to the Future.

One of the areas that CREA has focused on is consumer insights, a goal of which is to develop a national strategy for consumer engagement. The focus is to provide consumers with a strategic and tailored experience with their REALTOR®.

Improving the technology that REALTORS® use should also be a benefit to consumers. One of CREA’s proposals is to standardize MLS System software, allowing REALTORS® access to all listings in Canada in a seamless and cost-efficient way.

Even for sale by owner (FSBO) listings are being considered in the holistic view the future of REALTORS®.

Education of our membership has always been an important role for CREB®. The Map to the Future plan outlined by CREA places emphasis on the same objectives. Enhanced education for all REALTORS® will improve both their own knowledge and the customer experience.

The Alberta Futures Summit will be a rare opportunity to use REALTORS®’ collective brain power. They’ll dig deep into the Futures ideas and decide what courses of action are best for CREB® members and the clients they serve.

October 15th could be a watershed moment for the real estate industry in Alberta and it’s free to attend, IF you register in advance.

Registration for the CREB® Futures Summit