Ever wonder with all the technology on the market if there is something out there that will let you control aspects of your home from your smart phone? The Nu Smart Home has a way to simplify things in your home, and give you the control at your fingertips.

Nu Automations is a Calgary based company that has everything a homeowner could want, because all technology can be tailored to meet every individual’s needs.

“The Nu Smart Home is designed to work independently while giving the homeowner full control of their environment,” said Sepehr Shoarinejad, president of Nu Automations. “Homeowners can control the home using their smart phone, tablet or TV.”

Through the Nu Smart Home system, even when you’re not at home the house will close the blinds or set the thermostat to away.

Shoarinejad explained the downfall with today’s technology is a vast selection of interfaces and remotes. “With Nu Smart Home, the entire house is equipped with a single interface, allowing the homeowner to utilize the technology and adapt easily rather than getting frustrated.”

The Nu Smart Home system provides each homeowner with unique benefits, as the systems are customizable to each house. The system allows the opportunity to expand if there are features that may have been forgotten on the first installation.

“We like to categorize the benefits into three simple values: comfort, protection and convenience,” said Shoarinejad. “Imagine what you want the system to do and we can make it happen, the Nu Smart Home is designed to make your life a bit easier by making your home easy to operate and use.”

Houses can be equipped with features like automated blinds and mirror T.V.’s, giving homes that amazing edge.

Now for the cost, because the system is meant to be customizable the price will change from house to house. “The system costs anywhere from $1,000 to $100,000 and on average we do homes for anywhere between $30,000 to $40,000,” said Shoarinejad. “The intuitive design of the system also helps decrease the cost of having a smart home as it helps bring down labour costs, making the smart home far more affordable than people believe.”

The Nu Smart Home system is starting to break ground with homeowners, especially with the technological advances making the system far more affordable for the average homeowner, explained Shoarinejad.

The Nu Smart Home will be featured at this year’s Calgary Home + Garden Show. “We did not feel a booth would showcase our product properly, so the Calgary Home + Garden Show co-operated with us to create an ultra-modern feature home full of today’s technology,” said Shoarinejad.