CREB®Now: What is your vision for Calgary in terms of planning and development in the short and long term?

Hamilton: More thoughtful planning of communities overall that include multi-use buildings and shared spaces (i.e., community centres, seniors’ services, recreation and schools) – together, sharing the building and green spaces that can change and grow as needs do. No more sprawling ’burbs and one-storey structures sitting empty when school is out.

CREB®Now: What is your opinion on a potential land transfer tax for Calgary and/or all of Alberta?

Hamilton: No thank you. We may not pay land transfer tax, but our current fees are enough for me. Many do not know what they currently are:

  • Title registration fee: $50 + $1 for every $5,000 of property value
  • Mortgage registration fee: $50 + $1 for every $5,000 of mortgage amount

So, for a $450,000 property with a 15-per-cent down payment you would pay roughly $267.

CREB®Now: What are your thoughts on the future of energy-efficient homes and how they could potentially be classified?

Hamilton: The more energy-efficient smart homes we create, the better it is for all of us, and we can classify them as “energy smart.”

CREB®Now: How would you approach the issue of affordable housing in Calgary?

Hamilton: For new developments, we must insist they are included into the area plans and inside existing re-developments we must convert or build them in.

CREB®Now: What are some infrastructure projects/improvements you would like to see in the next 25 years?

Hamilton: The Green Line must be built in the north, inside Ward 3 up Centre Street to 144th Avenue as promised. Vivo Expansion must be funded, we need more recreation space, the NHC community association and library currently being housed inside is a perfect multi-use idea. With expansion and smart planning we could check off many boxes.

CREB®Now: What is your position on the current secondary suite approval process?

Hamilton: I personally support secondary suites. By legalizing secondary suites in all residential zones, with the provision that homeowners would also need to reside on the property, not only would more spaces be available for rent, but homeowners would be allowed to do with their property as they see fit when it comes to deciding whether to make part of their home available for rent. Councillors approving one suite at a time is not required, and has proven to be random at best and described as inhumane too often.

CREB®Now: What is your preferred location for a new Calgary Flames arena and how would you propose the City develop the surrounding area to best meet the needs of Calgarians?

Hamilton: I keep getting questions about an arena deal: what would you do? What would you change? Where would you put it? I can’t help wishing that it was built here in Ward 3. If we built it, would they come?

Dear Ken King: We love the design of CalgaryNext and think it would be a glorious addition to the city’s north. We are close to the airport and Stoney Trail. There are lots of new Hotels close by and the Green Line could run right up Centre Street straight to the complex. Please consider our part of the city, we are huge sports fans and in dire need of an infrastructure boost.