Living surfaces shouldn’t be cause for a decor dilemma

My clients often agonize over the coffee table décor dilemma. It turns out it’s not difficult at all to tablescape your coffee table and I’m here to show you how. As always,

I prefer a clean and simple look, even when it’s jam-packed and eclectic. I’ve got three coffee table examples that run the gamut of decorating styles. A mid-century modern look, an electric traditional bohemian look and a clean contemporary bachelors coffee table.

The eclectic traditional bohemian table


This lively living room is filled with a lifetime worth of collections and art from the homeowners travels. I love the layers of colour and the slightly traditional feel to the furnishings.

I tablescaped this elegant round coffee table with items the residents already owned. As this is a reflection of how they truly live, I simply added stacks and stacks of magazines and books to the table. I always think this is a great trick if you are a family who uses the living room for reading and relaxing. They already love browsing through their favourite magazines and books so we simply put more on the table.

A wonderful porcelain horse from a trip to Asia and a small dish complete the look. If your coffee table is open and airy like this one, feel free to stack books on the floor underneath it too, as it will help ground the space.

The mid-century modern table


If your decor style runs modern and minimal, it’s best to keep the design of your tabletop clutter free. I used a great terrarium from Plant in Inglewood as my starting point. I love the easy care of a terrarium with succulents and this one adds both colour and texture to a glass tabletop.

Next, I added a single coffee table book opened up to a favorite image. If you don’t have a large book that matches your interests right now, you can do this with the magazine you might be reading at the moment. It’s a great way to add a pop of color to an otherwise neutral space.

A glass tabletop can often feel a bit hard and the book or magazine has great coverage. Plus it’s right there for you to pick up and read anytime. You can switch out your book or magazine as often as you like. Finally I grouped my objects in a set of three. A colourful handmade pottery bowl adds nice texture to contrast all the glass. I picked up this locally made pottery at Kit Interior Objects.

The contemporary bachelor table


This clean contemporary bachelor space gets some retro touches with a fun metal trunk and vintage finds. The coffee table is a great way to show off your style no matter what your interests.

A small cactus adds a bit of life to the space and the interesting cement planter makes sure it’s not too precious for a masculine place. The vintage Thermos and file box are both sturdy and useful. The Thermos would make a handy at-the-ready flask for the gentleman’s preferred drink and the file box is useful storage. Another stack of favourite books and the look is complete (Vintage items from Plant).

– The 10 Cent Designer