The City of Calgary has released a report that is the first monitoring report about the progress being made towards the 60 year goals in the Municipal Development Plan and Calgary Transportation Plan.

Progress is measured by 14 indicators; eight of the indicators are showing that Calgary is moving in the right direction, three have not changed and three have moved farther away from the goals.

The eight indicators that are showing improvements include: road and street infrastructure, transit service, accessibility to daily needs, density, urban expansion, district energy, residential mix and accessibility to primary transit network.

The population density has increased by 10 per cent, the report shows, and people are leaving new communities on the outskirts of the city to move to older neighbourhoods.

Goods access, land use mix and urban forest are the three indicators that have shown no change. The three indicators that have moved in the opposite direction are transportation mode split, population/job balance and watershed health.

The city set a goal to have 67 per cent of Calgarians living within 400 metres of major transit routes, and the report shows that Calgary is over halfway to reaching that goal.

There are still some areas that the city has to work on in order to reach their goals. The report shows that driving is still the most popular mode of transportation, and it has increased as a percentage of all transportation options.