The City of Calgary Development & Building Approvals in partnership with the Calgary Fire Department are conducting a suite safety pilot on 50 of the city’s existing suites.

The objectives of the pilot include seeing if the 50 suites have relevant permits, have the correct land use designation and are up to Alberta Fire and Building Code standards. The City will then assist property owners through City processes to bring their suites up to compliance if possible.

“We want to continue to educate homeowners with suites on the importance of providing safe and legal accommodations to tenants,” said Kevin Griffiths, chief building official and manager of Building Regulations. “The City wants to be proactive about ensuring suites are compliant.”

Homeowners whose suites have been marked as one of the 50 will receive letters from The City in a phased notification system already underway. The letter explains the pilot, why their suite has been selected and The City’s expectations moving forward.

Tenants affected will receive a notification on their door informing them the suite has been selected, that their landlord has been informed and that they can go to the City’s Website or call 3-1-1 for more information.

The pilot will run until April 2013.