Members of the Children's Hospital Aid Society, including REALTORS® Lorna Hamm and Wendy Morrow. Courtesy Children's Hospital Aid Society

Lorna Hamm and Wendy Morrow are REALTORS®, friends and ardent philanthropists, who both prefer to work quietly behind the scenes.

They volunteer for numerous organizations across Calgary, but for each of them, one organization stands out: The Children’s Hospital Aid Society.

The organization has 75 members – all women – who work tirelessly to fundraise for organizations that assist youth across the city.

In the past 40 years, it has raised and donated almost $10 million. Funds support charities that contribute to the health, well-being and safety of children and young adults. Close to 40 per cent of funds raised go to the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation to support innovative programs like the KidSIM project.

But members also donate their time by cooking dinners at Ronald McDonald House – a respite for families whose children are undergoing cancer treatments – organizing birthday parties for children at Inn from the Cold, and volunteering at various fundraising events, from luncheons to golf tournaments.

“I truly enjoy working with like-minded women who wish to make a difference in our city,” said Hamm, who has been part of the organization for almost 12 years.

Meanwhile, Morrow joined a year ago, after being nominated by Hamm.

“I instantly felt at home with this group of women who make up the longest-serving charity in the city,” she said.

Certainly, the 110-year-old not-for-profit is turning heads. During a National Philanthropic Day celebration held on Nov. 14, at Stampede Park’s Big Four Roadhouse, the organization was awarded a Generosity of Spirit Award by the Calgary and area chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals.

“I am always heartened by the number and enthusiasm of the volunteers of our city – people who thanklessly give their time, money and sometimes their homes to those in need,” said Morrow. “When it is so easy to sit back and let someone else do it, we seem to find more and more kind and generous folks who want to give.”