Industry reports unearth Canadian renovation trends

The home improvement industry has become a key economic driver in the country over the last few years as more Canadians look to add value to their humble abodes.

A poll by CIBC in the spring found that 45 per cent of Albertans plan to renovate within the next 12 months. The average spend on a home renovation was expected to be $8,073. That’s nine per cent higher than a year ago, but off by 65 per cent from 2016, when homeowners said they were spending on average $23,000 to improve their homes.


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Packing up plants

How to take pieces of your garden with you when you move

If you want to move your entire garden when you sell your home, think again. First, it’s illegal, and second, plants ripped out randomly in summer wilt and die unless pampered.

But what if you have a sentimental piece of grandma’s peony, a special perennial plant or a friend’s perfect poppy? Taking bits and pieces of your garden with you without changing the look of the yard is possible with these tips: (more…)

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Lacklustre luxury

High-end housing market continues sluggish recovery, but slow sales bump up supply 

As a former long-time writer with the Calgary Herald focusing on the real estate beat, I knew how popular coverage of the real estate industry was to readers.

One aspect of the industry people always loved reading about was the city’s luxury home market. So, I was curious how the high-end segment of the housing market has been faring lately.

Year-to-date sales – up to the end of April – of $1-million-plus properties totalled 204 transactions, which is down slightly from 211 during the same period a year ago, says Ann-Marie Lurie, chief economist with CREB®.


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