Over the next four weeks, some Calgarians will see snow disappearing from the roads. Trucks have been contracted by the city to remove the snow from residential streets.

The record 52.4 centimetres snowfall that hit Calgary in December, has the city utilizing snow removal services for the first time.

Southeast Calgary is currently the focus of snow removal, but all areas of the city will receive some amount of snow removal. However, how many roads that will have snow removed is unknown.

Streets that have no room for snow to be plowed aside, and have 12 centimetres or more will see the snow removal services. Other roads will be determined by the road crews’ assessments and how many resident complaints come in.

Calgarians will see no-parking signs go up the day before the scheduled snow removal, which will allow the dump-truck and snowblower teams to work side by side clearing a centre lane. The windrows will be hauled away, but there won’t be curbto-curb removal.

This added snow removal will be taking $6.7 million from the city’s snow clearing reserves, a cost of $240,000 a day for a removal team.

If more winter storms hit, the snow removal teams can continue working, while city crews take care of the priority one roads.