12/15: On Dec. 15, secondary suites once again go to Calgary city council for blanket approval

$5,000: Last September, council waived the $5,000 fee normally charged for applying for a secondary suite

1.4%: Calgary’s vacancy rate has been hovering around 1.4 per cent, which, along with Edmonton is the lowest in Canada

53%: More than 53 per cent of homes in Calgary are zoned RC1 or R1, prohibiting secondary suites

$40,000: Calgarian Bryan Backman-Beharry spent $40,000 legalizing the secondary suite in his home

50: In 2012, fire and building inspectors checked 50 basement and backyard units as part of the City’s Suite Safety Approach pilot. In 18 suites, owners dropped out or declared the suite vacant and of the remaining 32, 25 had significant safety issues

1,000: As of June 2013, Edmonton had approved more than 1,000 suites since 2009

55%: In a study conducted by Mount Royal University’s Journal magazine, 55 per cent of neighbours initiated 55% of appeals to overturn a secondary suite approval

2,012: As of Dec. 10, 2.012 people liked Calgarians for Secondary Suites on Facebook

70: Secondary suites in Calgary are limited in size to a maximum of 70 square metres