No, not that kind of bacon. A film series featuring renowned architect Ed Bacon is aiming to help Calgarians better understand how a city is planned.

Every Wednesday night in January and February offers a different film about city building topics. After each film the audience is invited to engage in discussion about what they just saw, and how it can impact Calgary, and people as individuals.

“Calgary can learn how other places evolved over time, and how existing places can be changed to create better outside places [in the City],” said Rollin Stanley, general manager of planning, development and assessment for the City of Calgary.

Stanley explained that the goal of the film festival is to bring in the general public, and get them interested and thinking about the different aspects that can go into city planning. Once people are interested, the hope is they get involved with discussions on Calgary’s new developments.

The films are a way to show the public how cities can evolve, and get them thinking about the ways that Calgary can still evolve. Stanley explained that an example of how Calgary has already evolved is looking at Stephen Avenue, cars and people are able to co-exist on this street.

The hope is that we can “build a broad constituency, so that as we do things more people get involved,” said Stanley.

The films will be played at the Dutton Theatre, 616 Macleod Trail SE every Wednesday from about 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. To see the full schedule visit