Ben and Heather Cox, with their two children: Lyla (4) and Jack (2). Courtesy Ben and Heather Cox

Cranston’s Riverstone “just felt right” for Ben and Heather Cox

Ben and Heather Cox fell in love with Calgary when they moved here from the southern United States for a work contract seven years ago. “We came right out of college and we thought we would only be here for three months,” said Heather.

She works in various locations across the city, coaching and choreographing cheerleading groups. Her husband, Ben, is an engineer and works downtown. The couple had been living in a townhome in Quarry Park, but as their family grew – they have two young children – so did their space requirements. They wanted a single-family home with a yard, a place that was well located and close to nature, where the kids could play outside. After touring several communities, the couple found their oasis in Riverstone, an enclave along the shores of the Bow River in the community of Cranston.

CREB®Now: How did you find out about Riverstone and what attracted you to the area?

Heather Cox: I was pregnant with Jack, our second child, and we were looking casually for a new home. We’d toured through other communities, mainly those with lake amenities. About two years ago, it was a Saturday, and on a whim, we took a drive through Cranston. As we came down the hill into Riverstone, it just felt right. It is just beautiful down here. There are the walking paths along the river and so many parks for the kids. I am an amateur photographer and there is just so much wildlife. The other day, there was a moose and her baby down by the river. It is as though you aren’t in the city anymore – like a smaller community separate from it all.

“About two years ago, it was a Saturday, and on a whim, we took a drive through Cranston. As we came down the hill into Riverstone, it just felt right.”

CREB®Now: How did you choose A builder?

Heather Cox: We walked through all the show homes and the model by Cedarglen just resonated. It was a great price point and the home was gorgeous. We built the show home model – the Huxley 2, a 2,332-square-foot, three-bedroom home with upstairs bonus room – with some modifications to the kitchen. And we finished the basement, adding a fourth bedroom for when the grandparents come to visit. I love how it turned out.

CREB®Now: Can you comment on the community’s amenities and accessibility?

Heather Cox: The area really works for our lifestyle and our family. It really feels like a community and we all know each other. We have block parties and barbecues and are all connected via a Facebook page. We are not used to that. In the U.S., you don’t really socialize all that much with your neighbours.

The location is great. We are really close to Deerfoot Trail. I think a lot of my friends were under the impression that we were so far out, but we are really not. It’s not that far from downtown and it is totally worth it to be out here and to have some peace and quiet.