With the stresses of everyday life, who wants to end the day heading to the laundry room to sort through dirty clothes, or even worse, on the weekend? No thank you! Having an organized laundry room will help make your routine seamless and efficient.

• There is no need to spend your whole day sorting clothes. Use multiple hampers to help you sort dirty laundry before you get to the laundry room so you can just toss them into the machine! Also, put a hamper in your bathroom for dirty towels and washcloths.
• Hang a bag in the laundry room for articles that need to be repaired. You can grab it when you have a few minutes or when you are ready to drop it off at the seamstress.
• Try to sneak in a load as you are eating dinner, leaving the house for a short time, running the kids to school or taking the dog for a walk. This way it’s ready for you to throw it in the dryer when you walk in the door, who wants to wait around for laundry?
• If you have pieces that can’t be put in the dryer, or that need to be washed in cold water — or any special instructions really — mark the tags with permanent marker. That way you won’t forget, or better yet someone else helping with laundry will know to check!
• Have a space where you can hang your clothing as soon as it comes out of the dryer so it doesn’t get wrinkled while it waits to head to the closet (it helps by keeping extra hangers in the laundry room so it’s easy to do!).
• Use padded hangers to help with fine fabrics so you don’t have to iron twice.
• This one is my favorite! Turn all your hangers one direction. Then, when you wear a certain item, turn the hanger in the opposite direction when you are putting it back after its been cleaned. After six months; toss, give away or donate the clothing that wasn’t used. This is a great way to keep your closet organized and relevant.
• Laundry doesn’t stay in the laundry room does it? We wish! Here are some tips to help keep it sorted and organized in your drawers: Storage containers make great dividers for your drawers and is a great way to organize socks, underwear, bras, etc. into colours or styles. Hanging anything knit tends to stretch the pieces, if you can use a deep drawer to store these items it will help keep them in good shape.

Of course we all have our own routine so take a few of these tips and integrate them into your own so you can spend more time doing what you want to do — because we all know, it’s not doing the laundry! LiShelle Trembath is the Senior Design Consultant at California Closets where she designs custom storage solutions. LiShelle is a photographer who lives in Calgary, AB. www.lishelletphotography.com.